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Hedone becomes BulletRun as Acony partners with SOE

In a deft and (in my opinion) very smart move, Acony has partnered with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) for the release of BulletRun, formerly known as Hedone. This may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t. Acony is, if nothing else, a … Continue reading

SWTOR Live Event: Rakghouls Invade Tatooine!

Today marks the first day of the Rakghoul Live Event on Tatooine! A Starship has crashed on the planet Tatooine and brought with it an invasion of rakghouls that are infecting the local populace. You are asked to do your … Continue reading


View this and more at http://www.swtor.com/legacypromotion FORMER PLAYERS COME BACK AND PLAY NOW ON US: APRIL 13 – APRIL 20 In honor of Game Update 1.2: Legacy, we are offering former subscribers the chance to come back and play on us. Just … Continue reading

SWTOR testing is over, time for the wait to begin.

Well, in case you haven’t heard, all public testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic is now over. The wait for Early Game Access begins. In case you’re wondering how early your access will be, it depends on when you … Continue reading

Now that the SWTOR NDA has been lifted, let me talk a bit about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Greetings and Salutations! If you are like me, both a fan of Star Wars and a fan of MMO RPG gaming, then this blog is definitely for you! I’ve been lucky enough to test SWTOR for awhile now, and I … Continue reading

New Beta Keys for the Hedone North American Servers!

The F2P FPS game Hedone is now in it’s second phase of beta testing. If you’re not familiar with Hedone, it is a free to play first person shooter produced by Acony games in Germany. It’s a fast paced, hard … Continue reading

Hedone Beta ready for updates! North America servers announced

The moment you Hedone.tv fans have been waiting for is arriving very soon! The launch of the new beta phase will include North America servers. So now all you US fans can enjoy at much lower pings! Be sure to … Continue reading

bounty hounds online

http://en.bountyhounds.com/ Bounty Hounds is a mmorpg there are 5 different class chars to choose from have only used the Engineer so far and has been really fun so far to solo The Shock Trooper, a heavily armoured melee combat class … Continue reading

Black Prophecy Free to Play Space Shooter

I recently stumbled upon Black Prophecy, a (free to play) f2p mmo space shooter PC Game, and asked some of the guys over at Gaming Samurai if they would like to try it out. So several of us decided to … Continue reading

HEDONE TV – A new era in entertainment!

Welcome to the world of one John J. Lazar, head of Lazar.us and producer of the mega hit TV show HEDONE! If you’re unfamiliar with German game developer ACONY, you should take note right away. They have been working very … Continue reading

It’s Official. SWTOR available for Pre-Order!

http://www.swtor.com/preorder/?sourceid=eag3012 It’s Official! The new Star Wars the Old Republic is now available for Pre-Order!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Just Another Tease?

Leaks about plans for a Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order! http://www.reghardware.com/2011/07/20/star_wars_the_old_republic_pre_order_tomorrow/

The classics

I’ve been re-living some older games lately. Half-Life2 is really just SO much fun! I could spend hours just playing around in the dune buggy or the air boat.  Get it on Steam soon!

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