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Hedone Oil Rig

Hedone, at the Oil Rig

Welcome to the world of one John J. Lazar, head of Lazar.us and producer of the mega hit TV show HEDONE!

If you’re unfamiliar with German game developer ACONY, you should take note right away. They have been working very hard on a First Person Shooter PC Game that is sure to be a smash hit all across the world. In the game of Hedone, you might not feel exactly like yourself. In fact, you are a clone of yourself. With the advancements in technical medicine, scientists at Lazar.us have been able to perfect a cloning technique wherein you have several clones (called “Synth”) so that when you are killed, your neural patterns can be imprinted onto a new you, allowing you to continue to compete in a sport of true blood and guts. You are a contestant, with your sights set on fame and fortune. Kill another player and then toss in a bit of “style” in order to boost your popularity. Load your guns, prepare your grenades, and use your fists when you must, but be sure that you stay on your feet for as long as possible.

The action is fast, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is sure to have you begging for more. Be a star, be the greatest gun fighter ever born, be famous and filthy rich as you take your chances in the TV Game Show known as HEDONE!

Be sure to register today for your chance to beta test this awesome new game!

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Hedone - Drain picture

Hedone, in the Drain

Hedone - Shanty picture

Hedone - Shanty

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