Hedone becomes BulletRun as Acony partners with SOE

In a deft and (in my opinion) very smart move, Acony has partnered with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) for the release of BulletRun, formerly known as Hedone. This may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t. Acony is, if nothing else, a wise company and a bit of a seasoned veteran in the F2P FPS market. It was announced today that they have made a deal with SOE to publish their long awaited title. If you are already a beta tester you should be receiving a new beta key at any time which you can redeem at http://www.bulletrunthegame.com/ where you can also find more information. In addition be sure to check the Acony forums at http://www.hedone.tv/forum/

I’ve enjoyed many hours of Acony’s First Person Shooter games, both Parabellum (R.I.P.) and Hedone. I love the fast-paced action and hard-hitting weapons. It was more than a little sad to see Parabellum go by the wayside, but the taunts and skill system in BulletRun make for a truly exciting new game. Let’s hope I can make the switch to calling this game by it’s new name sooner than later.

If you’ve never heard of this game, here’s what the new BulletRun website has to say:

“Welcome to Bullet Run, the killer new Free-to-Play multiplayer online first person shooter. Set in the near future, Bullet Run is the hottest new reality TV game show. Contestants battle to the death with real ammo, real weapons and real attitude. Episodes take place on a variety of sets including a warehouse, a shanty town, an oil rig and more. Through a revolutionary “Synth” technology, these reality stars will die, re-incarnate into a new body, and jump right back into the action until the episode is complete. Nothing’s more entertaining than watching someone avenge their own death! In Bullet Run it’s not simply gaining the kill that wins you fame. Style and attitude, combined with a hair trigger and cat like reflexes will bring contestants the fame they so desperately desire.

Are you willing to achieve fame at any cost? Then create your own style, with thousands of options to customize your character, weapons and attitude to achieve the ultimate balance between showman and showgun. You’re in the big-time now, it’s time to show it off. Get the kill shot and stick around to taunt your victim to build your fame. Up the ante by purchasing upgraded gear and abilities in the Green Room then unleash their fury on your competition. Stardom is at your fingertips. Time to step up, dress it up and take ’em out! Are you ready?

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.”

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