Black Prophecy Free to Play Space Shooter

Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy F2P MMO Space Shooter

I recently stumbled upon Black Prophecy,
a (free to play) f2p mmo space shooter PC Game, and asked some of the guys over at Gaming Samurai if they would like to try it out. So several of us decided to give it a go. Here’s my review of the game as far as I have played it and with a little extra info from the guys.

Unless you’re an ace, I suggest starting with friends. Missions run much better, smoother and faster, in groups. The quests for the main storyline are basically solo runs, but you can run most of them while grouped, going to the same places. There are only a few which require you are absolutely solo, as I recall.

You will get your started ship which can be upgraded with pieces equal to skill levels. No piece can be higher than your basic Ship skill and no higher than it’s relative equipment skill. I found, through trial and (horrible) error that it is best to focus on a single weapon type and only a few ship improvement skills. Over extending one’s self can result in catastrophe and the inability to effectively get past heavy combat missions. While you’re getting through the beginning missions, getting ever nearer to the imminent choice of factions, you can pick up extra, side missions for solo or group run.

This said, the action is great, if not a little on the heavy side. Very intense dogfights, sometimes with large groups of very heavily armed and well armored enemies. But the rewards are worth the fight. Loot the remains of enemy ships for crafting materials and better equipment. As you level up, you’ll also begin crafting equipment upgrades as well as new equipment.

The graphics are rich and pleasing, with plenty of eye-candy and sound effects to match. The crafting is fairly simple and straight forward. There is PvP, but I have not reached the level required just yet. Maybe one of the fellas will write  a review about that aspect of the game later.

So there is my two cents, for what it’s worth. If you enjoy PC flying games, especially space shooters, the you should at least check out the Black Prophecy website (linked at the beginning of the post) and consider giving it a try.

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